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Director: Joe Begos

Released: Feb 2020

I'm torn on this movie. To some degree it's a 5/5, then to another it's a 2/5. Let's get the stuff I didn't like out of the way so it doesn't detract from what you walk away with. Some really cringy dialog, and very poor 'movie' decisions/scenarios really pull me out of what could have been a legendary film. It's an 80's throwback, so just imagine the nonsense from that era but in a modern film. I'm going to say that having these aspects are intentionally so your mileage may vary as to how off putting it is.

Onto the move - it feels like an 80's action movie setup. Old group of good guys (at a disadvantage) under siege from bad guys. Take that context and turn it to 11. We've got classic Joe Begos staples at this point - wild over the top gore, syntg sounds, and neon (cooool) lighting. Also, the cast of vets is great. I loved the moments where they were shooting the shit as pals. It felt like they were old timey vets and that they truly did connect. Then, when the violence comes it's good! 30 min is a great scene, the best in the film I'd say. Also I was pumped to see the lead actress from Bliss.

Verdict: Watch it! The punks ain't real punk either. Should have got some spiky hair and leathers with band stuff all over 'em. Think how great Blitz's 'someones gonna get there head kicked in' track would be over a fight scene!!!

4 out of 5 boots!!

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