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Director: John Lyde

Released: April 2016

Wow, movies like this exist. It's feels like a modern early 80's insane action movie. I loved these type of movies as a kid and even as I grew, turning off my brain and just rolling with this goop was always a good time. At the same time, this movie is terrible for. Let me explain, a scene would play out. I would shout of 'yes!' while at the same time laughing at how bad it is. How can that even be possible - it was the worst and the best at the same time. I literally thought about this movie for 4 days afterwards and tried to process it. This movie is my mid-life crisis.

Verdict: I feel like I'm 7 and watching Commando ago. I cannot believe they still make movies like this and I hope they never stop. This movie gave me an existential crisis as it's awful and great at the same time.

1 out of 5 boots OR 5 out of 5 boots

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