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At the end of Eight

Director: Rankin Dean

Released: October 2019

This film had pretty much no budget so keep that in mind.

The opening scene definitely captured my interest with a jogger and creepy stalker in a mask. From there things go downhill a bit.

The story - there's a game where you earn 10k by breaking into a house and staying for 8 hours as part of a viral game.

So we have a home invasion movie flipped scenario. For no budget, I will say I was interested throughout. Some of the set and acting left lots to desire but overall, I stayed through.

Scrip wise there were some things that were clever in one instance that went right into freshman experience in the next.

Verdict: Overall, I would say worth a watch if you're ok with low/no budget. There is a better movie to sort together here and thinking of what could be was fun.

3 out of 5 stars!

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