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Biertoifel - Unsere Strassen Unsere Lieder

Band: Biertoifel

Album: Unsere Strassen Unsere Lieder

Label: Laketown Records

Released: May 2020

Listen to the first track. Tell me it's not great.

Well there's your answer. This is great. Let's lace 'em up, dance around, and smash everything. Such a great album from this German band.

Just like there is a French Oi! sound, to me this band has the German punk sound and I love it. If I was born about 20 years later I think this sound would have a special place in my heart like Japanese Pogo and French Oi.

You know what, it does. The German punk sound is now firming up to be the definitive third sound for me.

Verdict: Buy or die!

//the rating for music is either two boots in, or not for me.

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