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Bleeding Steel

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Director: Leo Zhang

Released: December 2017

Came across this movie while on the treadmill and decided to give it at watch over two gym sessions. WIthin 20 minutes you'll know what you are getting into. Jackie Chan fighting with other people's bodies as weapons and villians caked in white makeup that look like they roll with Darth Vader. This is full on movie shlock and it's pretty enjoyable. We've even got a comedic thief side-kick with a heart of gold going on. O Leeson, you were the highlight of the movie for me.

The movie? Jackie is a cop, villian does bad thing, Jackie has daughter that doesnt know of him for 16 years. Bad guy find daughter, Jackie engaged. Nothing to crazy there, except the daughter is quite annoying at decision making and actions throughout the film.

For two 45min walks on the treadmill it kept my attention.

Verdict: Worth a lazy watch if you enjoy Jackie Chan

3 out of 5 boots!

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