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Chips Ov Oi! - Boots, Leather, Scarves, and Toques

Band: Chips Ov Oi!

Album: Boots, Leather, Scarves, and Toques

Released: December 2019

I love pogo.

A few days ago I started listening to this album in my car on lunch break. Got to track 3, the album title, and I ended driving for an extra 25 minutes with that song on repeat. After a bit I gave track 3 a break and went to track 4 and the shit hit the fan. I had to listen to that the rest of the day back at work. Anyways, there's some great pogo tracks on this album and I would definitely recommend picking this up. Pogo you fuckers

Verdict: Some great stuff here, I jump in with both boots!

//the rating for music is either two boots in, or not for me.

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