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Chubby and the Gang - Speed Kills

Band: Chubby and the Gang

Album: Speed Kills

Label: Static Shock Records Released: January 2020

Oof this one is tough for me. It's that bovver rock / street rock sound like shandy and some other bands over the years. Sort of a blast from the rock past but stuffed into 2020 with some 'punk' or 'oi' tendencies. To me, this is always a miss. I can hear how the songs are catchy to most but man, I can't find the words to express what I want. It just all lands relatively flat to me. I picture the audience as middle age people, and older post punks thinking this is punk but more intelligent/adult. Anyways, production on vocals is also weird sounding on this.

Ah an analogy, this record would be pre-gaming at home before headed to the bar for some real drinking. I could see playing this to get to the real deal..

Verdict: I'm torn on this as it's a bit too rock-y for me. I'd go 51% like so jumping in with both boots!

//the rating for music is either two boots in, or not for me.

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