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Director: Dale Fabrigar

Released: August 2019

This one is quite odd as it gets going. It's almost like they had three movies ideas and instead stuffed them into just one. You've got a clue murder mystery setup, hostage scenario, and create feature. Put all that behind a movie that would fit into the 80's that's a bit campy and you have this film. Sets and acting leave more to be desired and dear lord, you need to suspend much belief as it seems the director had no idea how trains work but man....I had a fun time watching. Turn back to your early teens and image staying up late and catching this on TV. There are some pretty fun head squishes too.

Verdict: Turn off your brain and give it a watch! It's a fun little mashup. The 8-12 year old horror fan in me loves this movie. The adult sees so much nonsense, but also wants this type of movie to never stop being made.

3 out of 5 boots!

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