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Dorohedoro - Season 1

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Season: 1

Released: May 2020

This popped up on netflix for me - no context for what it was or how it came to be. The first episode was wild. Lizard head guy. No memory, Sorcerers. Human world called the hole and fancy sorcerer world. Super violence/gore. I was hooked.

A few hours later, it was over. What a good time. The season ender left much to be desired but in this rare case I'm not going to take away form the series.

There is something creepy about almost every scene yet at the same time charming. Even in the violence and gore, there is humor. Such a unique mix.

Writing is great, story is great, and the characters are all fun.

Verdict: Such a wild ride, well work the watch. Do it in one sitting

5 out of 5 boots!

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