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Exactly What To Say

Author: Phil M. Jones

Released: July 2017

Everything is a sale.

Everything is a negotiation.

Everything needs to be won.

Life is a bore like this.

This book has techniques for how you can get people to do what you want them to.

The author breaks down magic words for you to discussions in order to advance your agenda. For example "are you open minded" to buy 100lbs of mayo. Or the fantastic, "just imagine" you driving a a lambo due to my course so give me $1000 now so I can buy my 100lbs of mayo.

I'm aware of all the 'magic' words and can't wait for a day when reality doesn't have muppets running around using them

So instead, read the book and learn the magic words so you can counter them in the course of your life. Someone uses magic word x you use magic word y.

Get stuck in an infinite loop! Then hopefully that person is out of your life forever!

here are the magic words. When you hear them, apply a chokehold on the person using them:

  1. I'm not sure if it's for you buy...

  2. Open minded

  3. What do you know?

  4. How would you feel if?

  5. Just imagine

  6. When would be a good time

  7. I'm guessing you haven't gotten around to...

  8. Simple swaps

  9. You have three options

  10. Two types of people

  11. I bet you're a bit like me

  12. If...then

  13. Don't worry

  14. Most people

  15. The good news

  16. What happens next

  17. What makes you say that

  18. Before you make your mind up

  19. If I can, will you?

  20. Enough

  21. Just one more thing

  22. A favor

  23. Just out of curiosity

I need to take a shower now.

Verdict: Completely torn. This is a good read to learn how to deal with boneheads, not how you should act.

3 out of 5 boots to counteract people this book will produce!

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