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Good to Great

Author: Jim Collions

Released: October, 2001

O 2000's and the mega success that was Circuit City!

Ok some messages age well as other's don't.

We begin with ‘Good is the enemy of Great’ and this holds true to this day.

Jim hits on the 5 levels of leadership.

Then first decide who to hire, then what they should do.

Commonly referred to getting the right people on the bus, then getting people in the right seats. This is critical - bring in great people then decide where they can have the biggest impact.

Getting the right people and practicing disciple means you get the flywheel spinning. Think of this as a million little steps that result in you finishing the race. At the end of the race where someone says 'what was the defining moment or major breakthrough' you can look back and say it wasn't one. it was the discipline and momentum that each step made that resulted in success.

The hedgehog concept

1) what you are deeply passionate about

2) what you can be the best in the world at

3) what best drives your economic or resource engine

Overall, the book is nearly 20 years old but the spirit of the message holds to this day.

Good is the enemy of great. Don't settle. Don't let others settle.

Verdict: Worth a read as some key concepts stick to this day. 4 out of 5 boots!

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