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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Director: Can Evrenol

Released: October 2018

O boy. Where does this one fall.

From the director of Baskin comes another film that is just as loosely held together.

Everything about this movie pulled me in. There's unsettling stuff going on that you believe foreshadows something later on...something sinister. Except it doesn't.

By the time we get to the third act, is she is a dream, is it real?

Honestly, can't be bothered to rewatch this to figure it out. Loopy story but tons of holes and even more wacky behavior. Why the baby conversation at dinner, why the peeing scene? It's like Can has something to say and he believes we'll get it. There is some creepy stuff in the final act here and I love lovecraft themes so as nonsense as the ending was, I liked it.

Verdict: Stick around for the violence and squids (end). Just don't watch if you want anything that makes sense. Even just a tidbit of sense, because it is not here.

3 out of 5 boots!

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