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I'm No Longer Here

Director: Fernando Frías

Release: May 2020

This popped up on netflix and I had no desire to give it a watch.

Last night I just let it roll for 2 minutes. Sure.

I ended up needing to finish the movie.

Set in Mexico, we've got a group of poor kids kids deep into cumbia (music) and the culture around it. Throwaway kids who rely on each other in the haze of their teenage years. No hope, no future.

You seeing it.

Swap out cumbia for punk and this is us.

I had such anxiety and sadness while watching this film thinking about the dozens and dozens of stories and friends in my life (punk) and their stories just as crazy. Take care of one another because we are all we have.

Verdict: Wonderful film, make some time for it.

5 out of 5 boots!

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