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Ip Man 4

Director: Wilson Yip

Released: December 2019

The Ip Man series was one I have enjoyed up to this point so I was happy when part 4 hit Netflix. Then I watched this head scratcher. The action was decent at best a but the story around it was a snoozefest. First up, I watch with subtitles. They subtitle the Chinese parts but not the English. So if you can listen in, you get to piece this thing together yourself. And you'll need it because we have old cast from the previous movies, the marines, high school, immigration control, and a yeti. Only one of those is a lie.

I'm not ever going to recap the story beyond once again, Ip Man is underestimated even though he's got like 2 decades or setting fools straight at this point.

Verdict: Hard Pass

2 out of 5 boots

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