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IT Chapter Two

Director: Andy Muschietti

Released: September 2019

I watched this on a plane during work travel.

Never was a big fan of the book so I have not checked out the first movie. I want to be clear here - I'm not anti the book or movie. Rather, a decade when I read that book it wasn't something that stands out to me now ... 10 years later. Given that I had a 12 hour flight, being able to check out this movie was something I was excited for.

Well, it's written and acted well. In fact both of those things really pulled me in. Pennywise was...just not something I find scary. That coupled with some odd CGI scenes didn't really make me feel any sense of fear or dread during his scenes. The lead up to the scenes was great though. Another interesting piece was seeing chapter II without I didn't not make me feel like I missed out on anything. Overall, I'm glad I was able to watch this film and appreciate what King has done over the years.

Verdict: Worth a watch. Pennywise is a bit lame for my taste but good acting and great sets mean you should check it out.

3 out of 5 boots!

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