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Killers Within

Directors: Paul Bushe, Brian O'Neill

Released: January 2019

Why did I lukewarm enjoy this movie? Spoilers....I guess.

So a lady has his kid kidnapped by some eastern bloc baddies. And here ex-husband, ex-cop, and friends plan on a kidnapping to get money to pay the kidnappers. What?

I what world would that be the go-to?

Anyways, the film stumbles along but just enough to captivate me. It's an odd R, something that seemed PG-13 then pushed to R. Then you get to the twist, and I cringed big.

But you know what, within 10 minutes to kinda pulled it off. From there you get more violence and better settings. The move was decent and for the most part I ignored the absolutely stupid decisions made. The female lead character. O dear lord, why didn't they kill her off. Just absolutely d-u-m-b.

So even with everything above...I still am glad I watched it.

It's a movie the way movies should be made. There's a teenage me that would love watching this 11pm on a school night.

Verdict: This movie was 'bad' but I enjoyed watching it. Check it out when you want to burn sometime and can handle some camp.

3 out of 5 boots!

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