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Kingdom (Season 1+2)

Type: TV Series, 2 Seasons

Platform: Netflix Released: 2019

O TV series! Got to stretch those seasons out. Got to have lots of seasons.

TV dramas are hard for me. Characters, decisions, reveals, timelines.....all for the sake of the medium of delivery. Kingdom does not escape that. Let's hit the positives though.

Great setting, acting, concept, costumes, directing. Overall very impressive stuff. In fact the core story and characters are great. I like the protagonists and hated the villains.

Then there is the actual episodes. For me there is about 60-80% too much filler for me. It feels like a TV drama where we get these reveals just to keep the series going. Then there is the insane behavior and decision making of some characters. Again, it feels like it's there just to keep the series rolling. I wish they dropped a few characters and condensed this into something like a 2 or 3 part movie. Would have been epic in that fashion.

To be fair, I had to fast forward through about 1/3 of the content as I just could not handle watching it in real time, it pained me too much.

Verdict: Pass. If they compacted the series into two movies, I'd probably do 5/5.

2 out of 5 boots!

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