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Klasse Kriminale / 17100 Kids Split

Band: Klasse Kriminale / 17100 Kids

Album: Split

Label: Anfibio Records

Format: Vinyl

Released: December 2017

6 Klasse Kriminale tracks and 5 17100 Kids.

Klasse Kriminale has been one of my favorite bands since the late 90's and there new songs here are great. 17100 kids I was away of from Oi! agaist Silvio. 17100 re-recorded their track from that comp here and it's ok. KK kills it, 17100 is pretty good but it seems like they are trying to hard in their sound. Regardless, glad to have the collaboration between these bands after 20+ years.

Verdict: Buy it. Some new great songs, some new takes on the old, and in general a piece of Italian Oi! that is on full force display here.

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