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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Director: Yoon-Seong Kang

Released: October 2017

Cops and robbers Korean style!

Cops playing dirty against a new Chinese threat in Korea. There's some good action but it typically fashion, it seems like bad guys can go off the wall and there is no repercussions. Kill 15 people...and still the cops 'cant catch this bastard!', This apsects pops up about 5 times and at some point it is hard to look past. Also the final scene just doesn't dole out the violence in a way to justifies the 2 hours priot. It's a decent story with good action and cinematography. Of note, this movie isn't a 3 but isn't a true 4. This one is having me push towards a .5 scale but I don't have the graphics skills to make .5 boot icons.

Verdict: Worth a watch if you can handle the 'there is no help' aspects of korean action/dramas without being annoyed..

4 out of 5 boots

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