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Remnant From the Ashes

Platform: PS4 Released: August , 2019

Developer: Gunfire Games

Soulsborne games are my favorite genre of game. In fact, they are so much so my favorite genre it kinds ruined my enjoyment is other types of games. Anyways, think Souls+ 3rd person shooter. Should be weird right? Instead its the most satisfying combat I’ve felt in a while. This is a $30-40 game so don’t expect something as epic as a AAA title, yet I’ve still spent over 150 hours on this. If you like this genre of game, check this out! Added bonus of some cthulhu-esqe moments in the game.

Verdict: 3rd person shooter souls! I consistently play this game still after beating it multiple times and helping many others do the same. Check this out!

5 out of 5 boots

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