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Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Author: Kenneth Blanchard

Released: May 2005

Ah what a fun book. There are solid lessons to be had here in the form of easy to read parables. Two key takeaways which I routinely find myself relaxing on over time.

1. Challenge assumed restraints.

2. You are responsible for getting what you need

This book fits with my personal motto of 'there is no help coming'. So lace 'em up and get out there and care for your people. Some other key notes:

he Four Development Levels: Four development levels are discussed as part of the diagnosis skill and the four levels are:

D1 is developing and D4 is developed

D1: Low competence and high commitment (enthusiastic beginner)

D2: Low to some competence and low commitment (disillusioned learner)

D3: Moderate to high competence and variable commitment (capable but cautious)

D4: High competence and high commitment (self-reliant achiever)

The Four Leadership Styles: The four leadership styles which match up to the development levels are discussed. The styles are:

S1 - Directing: This style uses high directive and low supportive behaviour and is best matched to the D1 (low competence and high commitment).

S2 - Coaching: Uses high directive and high supportive behaviour and is best matched to D2 (low to some competence and low commitment).

S3 - Supporting: This has has highly supportive and low directive behaviour, it is best matched to D3 (moderate to high competence and variable commitment).

S4: Delegating: This style combines low supportive and directive behaviour and it's best for D4 (high commitment and high competence)

Verdict: Fast and Loud! ok ok its an easy and fun to read book that is worth your time. You'll fly through it and have it reinforce some simple yet effective leadership approaches

4 out of 5 boots!

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