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The Beach House

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Director: Jeffrey A. Brown

Released: July 2020

A creepy eltrich type move almost in line with color out of space.

We've got a young coupling spatting like young couples do who go to a beach house to reconnect. When they get there there is another couple staying....creepy!

Nah, that couple is cool.

Nah, soon the environment makes everyone go weird. They recover and...

Nan, things get creepy with something from the sea turning people.

It's in the air, the water, and it slowly takes you down until you're a gooey fish face.

My biggest challenge, the actress just did not do it for me and took me out of the movie. If this was recast it would have been a better score from me. Personal preference so maybe you won't mind!

Verdict: Worth a watch

3 out of 5 boots!

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