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The Dare

Updated: May 11, 2020

Director: Giles Alderson

Released: May 2020

I’m big time sick so lots of laying and watching.

A time and a place. About 10 years prior I would have been about this due to the gore. Now, sheesh I am an old man.

First up, Richard Brake is such an intimidating force. He carried his scenes and also the premise of the movie.

The movie is told as two different timelines - one that tells the story of the past and one that is correct. They are interwoven such that at the final act we see the connection and the mystery is unfolded. It’s a good attempt at gore-horror but some the premise in the ’old’ story is so weak as to how things could ever play out that way. The the goal is gore - so how cares. There are some nasty little scenes in here. Overall I will say it’s impressive to me for a standout reason - it’s rare when torture porn movies get the budget/production like this anymore.

Beware hookey horror stuff in the final act.

Verdict: If you like some blood and Brake, jump on in!

3 out of 5 boots.

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