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The Krays - Singalongs for the Apocalypse

Band: The Krays

Album: Singalongs for the Apocalypse

Released: April 2020

The Krays. I remember listening to them around 2000 and liked it. Honestly, I haven't listened to them in about a decade so I wan't sure what to expect even. Sorry Krays - this next statement is not a slam on you.

In general there's too many bands of old getting back together for festivals and then dropping a release. I don't like that. You are in or out, no opportunistic bullshit.

So for me I was curious about this release. Turns out it's pretty catchy. I will give it a few listens to in the upcoming weeks. Also looking forward to their new album now.

Except for Jan War. Drop that my dudes.

Verdict: Some pretty good and catch tunes, check it out.

//music scale is either jumping in with my boots on, or not for me.

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