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The Last of Us 2

Developer: Naughty Dog

Released: June 2020

I went in backwards on this.

I love oi, I like games, and I love leadership stuff. That said, I liked TLOU some years back and was excited for this one. I just wanted for the release on this and did not follows news. After I gave up on this game I checked the news and the shitshow that follows.

Violence is not something that turns me away. Duh, look at the site.

This game looks GREAT. It sounds GREAT.

It's core game play is boring and repetitive. The story here is nonsense. But honestly, I got to Seattle and the fiddling around climbing things and completely repetitive game play just had me stop playing. It was bad.

Which is sad given the atmosphere rules.

As for the story, it's like a convoluted sequel where the script was accidentally lost so they mad libbed it.

Verdict: Pass.

2 out of 5 boots!

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