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The Leaders Greatest Return

Author: John C Maxwell

Released: January 2020

A time and a place.

There was a point where I would scoff away the insights in this book as duh or common sense. But after having navigated through true leadership moments I appreciate all the learnings Maxwell has to offer. The main focus of the book is how to become a better leader and how to help grow leaders - your greatest return. Cultivating more leaders who will grow more leaders. John is in his late 70's and his audiobooks are just great. It really feels like he cares and is sharing his life lessons with you. During this book I reflected on those who helped to get me where I am. Who poured value into me, who acted as mentors, coaches, and sponsors. We all got to where we are because of others.

There were four themes that spread across this entire book:

- Let people in to your leadership circle / make efforts to join other tables

- Grow leaders who grow leaders.

- Spend time where it matters

- Attitude matters

The book was broken into 10 different chapters each with a single focus.










Compound. 80/20 rule and legacy

My biggest value added occurred at the end of the book. I'm getting older and my health is garbage. The things I value are different. What I truly want to do is help others surpass me. I feel like a father in many ways. The world is now children, other dads, or fathers to me.

Verdict: Time and a place. If you are at the right time and at the right place, must read.

Do the audio book!

5 out of 5 boots:

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