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The Mind's Eye

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Director: Joe Begos

Released: September 2015

Bliss was such a good film I decided to re-watch two of Joe Begos previous films here. I saw them each a few years ago so this is my second viewing....although I forgot much of the two films. First up, Mind's Eye!

Well, first impression is you can definitely tell it's an earlier film for Joe. At the same time, you can still tell this is him based on his approach for his newer films. As for the film, I could not shake a low-budget xmen sidestory vibe. Acting is ok-ish, story is decent for scope of the project, and overall it's ok. It's hard to shake the belief these people just could not escape along with some poor decision making. O snap, our friend fell down? Don't even look back or attempt to help just keep moving away slowly. There was a lot of "movie" type scenes that really pulled you out of the film. Everything does come together with an edge that feels urgent and dreadful which I love. Bliss and VFW had that same feling.

Verdict: If you don't have much going on it's worth a watch. Think low-budget x-men knockoff.

3 of 5 boots!

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