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The Total Money Makeover

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Author: Dave Ramsey

Released: December 2009 (org. pub 2003)

Everyone is at a different place in life. For some people I am sure this book nails it for them. For me, this book is how I view self-development books in my 20's-30's.

Bare minimum 'action' backed with a bunch of 'look how your life can be'.

I get it, if people follow a strict diet they are going to lose weight.

I get it, there are lots of people that followed your strict diet and they lost a bunch of weight.

In this case it's about money.

Do not spend more than you have.

Do not buy things.

Do not use credit.

Pay off all debt as aggressive as possible.

Then save as aggressive as possible.

It is all good advice but this book could be just several pages instead of a book. I can see how for some the added 'book' is what they need to get over the hurdle to control their financial life and for them, I am happy for you.

Verdict: Skip the book and get the cliff notes. I am not saying the book doesn't work, just you don't need a book to get Dave's message.

2 out of 5 boots

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