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The Witcher - Season 1

Released: December, 2019

Season: 1 No. of episodes: 8

When the original Witcher game was released for PC I loved it and immediately jumped into the books. There were several polish books not translated to English so I had to find fan translations. My intent in saying that - I love this IP. The result -> I was excited for this series. In the series - the Geralt is fine. His scenes are good and had me interested.

However, Geralt is in what feels like 10% of the series. 8 episodes could have been released as a 2-3 hour movie and been great. Instead we get a turd parade of characters and squabbles bleh. Maybe there's a fan edit of season one that is watchable.

Verdict: Pass!

If you are a Witcher fan of the books and video games....its more Witcher so maybe watch if you have next to nothing going on.

2 out of 5 boots!

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