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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Director: Francesco Lettieri

Released: March 2020

Hooligans. Firms. Football.

O yeas!

This movie made me feel comfortable and I'm not sure why.

Set in Italy we've got a story that spans generations about a football firm.

Teens, 20/30's, 50+. A clash motivations, of time, and of current events (championship run).

It plays out like so many punks scenes from so many eras for me. Ah, maybe that is why the comfort. That doesn't mean it's an easy watch. Just familiar.

In fact it hit me hard and think of so many faces from the years. I hope each of those faces found peace and happiness in their life.

Seeing kids, with delusioned adults, and those old timers - there's something real about this. There's some wacky 'movie stuff' stuff which detracts from things but the core of the story is a life with no real direction so you attach to something. As you age, that attachment, is different. You do things - things that are not you but then become you. Mistakes, obligations, and carrying on the fire. Then you hit a point where you wonder if it was worth it.

To those who were born with a shit hand.

Who have no future.

Who still are.

Long live you!

If you ever need help, let me know.

Verdict: Give it a watch!

Also you don't riot with cops and not go to jail - I overlooked most of the muck ups of the final act.

4 out of 5 boots!

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