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Unapologetically Ambitious

Author: Shellye Archambeau

Released: October 2020

I feel duped.

Perhaps my expectations resulted in a poor experience with this book.

What I see is a book that bakes reflects where we are in social media.

Take the life coaches + entrepenurs of linkedin, the me focus on instagram and tikitok, the actual lessons of countless good books, then slap it up in a medium article.

So I read the book and there is nothing here that has not been written about better.

It's simply the same lessons of others but in auto-biography form.

There's no new insights or actions here.

Instead this book moves further from execution and more towards the a 2020 self-congratulation party that plays out daily.

Some themes that will clue you in on the topics.

Control what you can.

Set goals.

Create a plan.

Build a rep.

Execute the plan.


Manager your career.

There is no work life balance.

Change is good.

Stay flexible.

keep learning.

Take risk.


Verdict: Hard pass. If you do not read and want the inspirational Tony Robbins like stuff, you could check this out.

2 out of 5 boots

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